This Peel & Stick 'Use Anywhere' Wireless Lighting Instantly Transforms Any Home Into A 'Lust Have'

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - Malin K.
REVIEW: The NEW Motion Glo LED Light Bar By Boundery

Ever wondered what it's like... to get your home featured on a TV Home Reno show?

It's not nearly as pretty as you'd expect.

In fact, my experience with 'reality TV' was almost a complete DISASTER thanks to budget troubles... 

The culprit? Faulty wiring and broken pipes that gobbled up most of my budget!

Luckily, by the time it came to adding the 'finishing touches'...

There was still enough money after the repairs to add spectacular LED lighting in every room.

Here's how it looked in my new kitchen:

Want to find out how I pulled off this BIG REVEAL....

Without blowing thousands on expensive gear or a pricey electrician?

Then you'll start glowing too... when you meet:

The Motion Glo™ LED Light Bar by Boundery™

This wire-free LED lighting solution gave my house ALL of the accent lighting it needed...

And the upscale look the audience expected... for way less than I might expect. 

And I had it all installed in a matter of minutes by my friend Bryan. 

Bryan dropped by the set on the final day with a stack of these 'peel and stick' use anywhere lights...

And became my home reno hero!

What Is the Motion Glo™ LED Light Bar By Boundery™?

The Motion Glo™ LED Light Bar Boundery™ is a durable, long-lasting 'use anywhere' LED light that lights up places wires usually can't reach, including cupboards, drawers, closets, cupboards, medicine cabinets, tool sheds, maiboxes, etc.

On first glance, the Motion Glo LED Light Bars seemed legit... but I decided to reserve my judgement until I could see it in action.

In less than 3 minutes, Bryan installed 4 of them under all the kitchen cabinets.. 

Plus two in the pantry. That was an install time of less than 30 seconds per light, if you're doing the math!

"That's the beauty of peel & stick LEDs," Bryan laughed.

As I approached the cabinets, the motion detectors instantly responded and the lights turned on.  

Wow... what a stylish difference they made:

The under-cabinet lighting made the kitchen truly look 'high end'. The lights weren't glaring- actually, the opposite. 

They were very easy on the eyes. And that's where the convenience and cost savings come in.

You get just the right amount of light- when you need it- to grab a glass or midnight snack...

Without ever needing to turn on the overhead lights.

I've said it once, I'll say it again. The peel & stick simplicity is awesome.

I take a couple photos to prove it:

"Electricians hate this light!"

Bryan said with a smirk on his face. I can see why.Anyone can assemble and mount these Motion Glo™ LED Light Bars in seconds...

No holes to drill
No wires to untangle
No pricey electrician

For a home reno klutz like me, this was great news. That electrician the show had on speed dial? The one that charges $150/hour?  

He was kicked off the set.

Bryan said the Motion Glo™ LED Light Bars save his clients so much money, they use the cash they save to do other upgrades.

Now That's A Bright Idea!

Bryan took me aside and warned me that there are a lot of 'knock off' versions of these lights.

He then shared 5 reasons why Motion Glo™ LED Light Bar by Boundery™ is the only LED motion light he trusts for his home reno projects.

I added bullet points and a diagram Bryan gave me, so it's easier for you to see

🔥 Limited quantity available / 125,197 sold

5 Things That Make The Motion Glo™ LED Light Bar Better:

Ultra-Bright 10 LEDs: This light is far brighter than the rest. With 10 LEDs in each light, you'll never stumble in the dark.
Quality You Can See: The high-end fit and finish of the aluminum alloy case makes them more durable and stylish than other cheap plastic lights out there.
Automatic Sensor: 120º sensing range/ within 3m or 10 feet. Turns on only when motion is detected in the dark, and turns off 15-17 seconds after you walk away.
Detachable Design: An adhesive strip with magnetic fields mounts  in seconds. No tools, screws or nuts are required.
Battery Powered: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

Bryan hustled upstairs to quickly install more. This time he added lights to the bedroom closets. 

Bryan calls this "no fight lighting". These days, a lot of couples leave for work at different times... 

Putting this 120° motion sensing light in a closet can help anyone find the perfect outfit in seconds...

Without waking up a snoozing mate.

I added some fancy graphics to show you how it works:

Bryan installed another three in the hallway:

And three inside the bathroom.

Here's some other cool places Bryan installed them:


Home Bar:

Under Cabinet:

So... Can Anyone Afford The Motion Glo™ LED Light Bar by Boundery™?

I asked Bryan how much I need to budget to get this upscale LED lighting effect...

And braced myself for sticker shock. To my great surprise, the investment was much, much lower than I expect. 

It gave me so much wiggle room in my budget, I can now afford that amazing professional oven!

And I was still under budget! The host was so shocked by how great everything looked, he was speechless!  

The Motion Glo LED Light Bar by Boundery is the real deal. It's built to last, ridiculously easy to install, and ultra affordable.

And, as you've seen for yourself, the results are breathtaking.

My rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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🔥 Limited quantity available / 125,197 sold


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